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What is Paverpol?

Paverpol is a remarkable sculpture medium which originated in Holland. This environmentally friendly, water-based hardener, is non-toxic and is harmless to people, plants and animals. Paverpol can be used to make all sorts of materials rock hard, such as textiles, paper, leather, clay and natural minerals. It will adhere to wood, ceramics, plaster, concrete, stone, almost all materials except for plastic. This versatile product can be used in making sculptures, garden art, paintings and much more. Its uses are just a thought process away.

Why is Paverpol a preffered art medium?

A unique feature of Paverpol is its fast drying time, making it possible to finish an object in a one-day workshop, yet allows plenty of time to sculpt and mould your design. Since it is made to cure rock hard in about 2 weeks time, your weather resistant sculptures and statues are soon ready to withstand the elements of our Canadian summers and winters. Whether your piece is made for the indoors, patio or garden, your beautifully designed composition will be unique.

What is the process for creating with Paverpol?

Paverpol is easy to work with and it adheres to almost all materials, except plastic. Simply dip your materials in Paverpol, squeeze out as much liquid as necessary to avoid dripping, and drape it around a wire armature or other form and let it dry. A sculpture or any other object is suitable for the beginner, the novice, and the artist. It is your creativity at work and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. When your design is complete, simply wash your hands and tools in warm water. No gloves or chemicals are required. Many products have been added to the Paverpol fabric hardener colour assortment. Paverplast, art stone, wrappers, pavercotton, stockinette and reliefdecoration are some of the products that may be available to you during a class at Davara Studio.

Create an Armature

Build a form to represent what it is you wish to make using wire, stone, copper tubing and styrofoam.

Give the Armature Form

Use tinfoil to give the armature shape.

Add Paverpol to Textile

Dip a natural fiber such as cotton into Paverpol liquid and massage the medium into the fabric. Wrap the armature overlapping the fabric. Once dry to the touch the form can be transported, however, it takes 2 weeks for Paverpol to fully cure. Paverpol is weather resistant.

Paverpol Sculpture is Brought to Life

I like to use acrylic paint to enhance my sculptures. If the piece is for outdoor use apply an outdoor liquid varathane finish to protect the acrylic paint from the elements.